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Welcome to the International Hemodynamic Society (IHS) Web Site, your online resource for information on hemodynamics.

Modern concepts of hemodynamics now provide us with the means to understand the relationships between hemodynamic causes and hemodynamic state. This, in return, helps us to shorten profoundly the treatment of hypertension, congestive heart failure and other cardiovascular disorders, shorten hospitalization of surgical patients, reduce the cost of health care and improve outcomes.

IHS wants to become a forum to consult, exchange and disseminate any new information involving hemodynamics and hemodynamic management among medical professionals and interested public.

IHS, its Directors and members work hard to ensure that all of us will have better quality and healthier lives. After all, we cannot live a productive and long life without a well functioning cardiovascular system, providing adequate oxygen delivery to all organs. Better understanding of hemodynamics and oxygen transport dynamics, and routine hemodynamic assessment and normohemodynamic management of every patient will improve the cardiovascular health.

IHS was founded in 1992. Among its activities, it has held every two years an International Conference on Hemodynamics.

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