This Society shall be called "International Hemodynamic Society" (IHS)


The purpose of the Society is to:

promote the advancement of the medical practice and science of hemodynamics in both the medical practice and science, with the emphasis on the environmental impact on human lives and over-all preventive medical measures to be implemented into the curriculums of medical schools and practices;

build international communications and participation between members and institutions;

collect and share all pertinent data and information and help to improve knowledge and communication about its members;

promote International Hemodynamics Conventions and shows;

inform the members about new findings and innovative techniques in this field and studies by publishing a newsletter; and

help enhance and increase membership in IHS by conducting educational programs and workshops.



Section I – Types of Membership

The Society shall consist of Regular and Honorary Members.

Section II – Individual Regular Membership

Individual Regular Membership shall not be limited to any specific specialization, but will open to participants in all medical fields which have an interest in the subject.

Applicants for Individual Regular Membership must submit a list of their professional activities and achievements.

Section III – Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership shall be limited to doctors and scientists of special imminence who have made outstanding contributions to hemodynamic studies.

Section IV – Corporate Membership

Corporations, medical and nonmedical, may become the Corporate Members of IHS.

Section V – Acceptance of Members

Each new member shall be notified in writing of his election to membership in the International Hemodynamic Society.

Section VI – Termination of Membership

Termination of Membership may be requested by any Regular or Honorary Member or a Corporate Member. This request must be presented to the Executive Committee. Membership may be terminated by unanimous decision of the Executive Committee for demonstrated incompetence in medicine or unethical behavior.